Gina Merritt is an experienced development, construction and investment manager.  She has managed over 2,000 units of housing in various stages of development and construction.  Her experience managing multimillion dollar development projects and performing both design management activities brings a wealth of practical management experience to large residential and commercial projects.

Ms. Merritt has particular expertise in managing large development projects with complicated financing and ownership structures.  Her housing development expertise includes mixed-use development, apartments, condominiums and single-family homes.  The ability to effectively reduce project costs through value-engineering and project management controls provides a superior competitive edge to the firm’s capabilities.

Ms. Merritt recently performed construction management services for a 71-unit senior housing project in Annapolis, Maryland.  Ms. Merritt was responsible for managing the general contractor and architect’s activities to include review of submittals, RFI’s, ASI’s, approval of change orders and was responsible for all owner decisions including historic construction-related approvals throughout the 15 month construction period.

Prior to founding NREUV, Ms. Merritt worked for several prestigious developers, where she was formally trained in real estate development and construction management. Her experience in managing development projects from cradle to grave and her vast transactional experience make her an asset to the team.

Ms. Merritt earned her BBA from Howard University and her MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.




David Davenport brings over 18 years of experience to NREUV in all the major phases of construction: architecture, construction cost estimating and project management.  He has led efforts in construction management in over 1,100 residential units throughout his construction career. David is responsible for construction management for new construction and renovation of multifamily projects in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  He also provides field oversight for all product installation and product delivery.  Currently Mr. Davenport is managing construction management activities at both the North Capitol Commons and Beacon Center projects.




Gail Northern manages product delivery logistics, processes purchase orders prepares pay applications and compliance documentation and works closely without clients to execute on all construction projects.